Important Dates

Abstracts due: April 22, 2013

Submission Deadline (Extended): April 25, 2013

Acceptance Notifications:
May 22, 2013

Camera-ready: May 29, 2013

Conference: August 1-2, 2013

Latest News

31 Jul 2013 - Registration open from Aug 1, 8 am at BICC, 3rd floor

09 Jul 2013 - New sponsor: Artificial Intelligence Journal

02 Jul 2013 - Scientific and Social programme published 

05 Jun 2013 - Online registration is now open

29 May 2013 - Keynote talks published

27 May 2013 - List of accepted papers published

18 April 2013 - Submission deadline extended

03 April 2013 - Paper submission is now open

02 April 2013 - Proceedings will be published as Springer LNCS volume

11 March 2013 - AT-2013 flyer and poster available.

28 January 2013 - Call for papers published.

07 January 2013 - Sponsorship opportunities published.

20 December 2012 - AT-2013 web site online.

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Past Conferences

AT 2012 - Dubrovnik, Croatia

Accepted Papers

  • Radu-Casian Mihailescu, Matthias Klusch and Sascha Ossowski
    eCOOP: Privacy-Preserving Dynamic Coalition Formation for Power Regulation in the Smart Grid
  • María del Carmen Delgado-Roman and Carles Sierra
    A Multi-agent approach to energy-aware Wireless Sensor Networks organization
  • José Santiago Pérez-Sotelo, Carlos E. Cuesta, Holger Billhardt and Sascha Ossowski
    Lifecycle of Adaptive Agreements: a Pattern Language
  • Zijie Cong and Alberto Fernandez Gil
    Efficient Web Service Discovery using Hierarchical Clustering
  • Dave De Jonge, Carles Sierra and Bruno Rosell
    Human Interactions in Electronic Institutions
  • Federico Cerutti, Alice Toniolo, Nir Oren and Timothy Norman
    An Empirical Evaluation of Geometric Subjective Logic Operators
  • Stella Heras, Vicent Botti and Vicente Julian
    ArgCBROnto: A Knowledge Representation Formalism for Case-Based Argumentation
  • Truls Pedersen, Sjur Dyrkolbotn and Thomas Ågotnes
    Reasonably rational: reasoning about reasons behind preferences using modal logic
  • Chatschik Bisdikian, Yuqing Tang, Federico Cerutti and Nir Oren
    A Framework for Using Trust to Assess Risk in Information Sharing
  • Henrique Lopes Cardoso, Ramón Hermoso and Maria Fasli
    Policies for role maintenance through incentives: how to keep agents on track
  • Ramón Hermoso, Roberto Centeno and Maria Fasli
    Extracting reputation with knock-out tournament-based pairwise elicitation in complex social networks
  • Patrice Caire, Leon van der Torre and Serena Villata
    Argumentation Theoretic Foundations for Abstract Dependence Networks
  • Carlos Chesñevar, María Paula González, Kathrin Grosse and Ana Gabriela Maguitman
    A First Approach to Mining Opinions as Multisets through Argumentation
  • Joana Urbano, Ana Paula Rocha and Eugénio Oliveira
    The impact of Benevolence in Computational Trust
  • Yì N. Wáng and Thomas Ågotnes
    Preference Logic of Focus Change: A Semantic Approach
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