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Keynote Talks

Professor Munindar Singh

Munindar Singh

North Carolina State University


Can't We All Just Get Along?
Agreement Technologies and the Science of Security

Abstract: The science of security has been garnering much attention among researchers and practitioners tired of the ad hoc nature of much of existing work on cybersecurity. I motivate the science of security as an application area for agreement technologies, surveying some key challenges and foundational agreement technologies that provide the relevant representations and reasoning techniques.

Professor Michael Wooldridge

Michael Wooldridge

University of Oxford

United Kingdom

Reasoning about Choice

Abstract: We present a logic for reasoning about choice. Choice CTL (C-CTL) extends the well-known branching-time temporal logic CTL with choice modalities. C-CTL is related to both STIT logics and temporal cooperation logics such as ATL, but has a much simpler and (we argue) more intuitive syntax and semantics. After presenting the logic, we investigate the properties of the language. We characterise the complexity of the C-CTL model checking problem, investigate some validities, and propose multiagent extensions to the logic.

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