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"Artificial Transportations Systems and Simulation (ATSS)" will be held at the 19th IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems. ATSS follows up previous editions of Special Sessions and Workshops on Artificial Transportation Systems and Simulation (ATSS) held at IEEE ITS Conferences, supported and promoted by the IEEE ITS Society's ATSS Technical Activities Sub-Committee. According to the current format of ATSS Series, Special Sessions and Workshops are organised every two years, in alternating occurrences every year. Therefore, the 2016 edition of the ATSS Workshop follows up the Workshop held at IEEE ITSC 2014, in Qingdao, China.

The aim of the ATSS Workshop series is to foster the discussion on issues concerning the development of Artificial Transportation Systems and Simulation as a means to devise, test and validate ITS-based technologies. With the ability to integrate different transportation models and solutions in a virtual environment, ATSS serves as an aid to support decisions made by engineers and practitioners in a controlled and safe manner. They also provide a natural ground where new approaches can be experimented while avoiding natural drawbacks of dealing directly with real critical domains, such as ITS. On the basis of theories and methodologies borrowed from a wide spectrum of disciplines, such as the Social Sciences, Distributed Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Multi-agent Systems, Virtual Reality and many others, many important issues arise which challenge and motivate many researchers and practitioners from multidisciplinary fields, as well as different technical and scientific communities.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Agent-based modelling and social simulation in MAS-T (multi-agent systems applied to traffic and transport)
  • Real-world agent architectures
  • Hardware-, software-, and human-in-the-loop simulation
  • Agent-human interactions
  • Environment modelling and interaction protocols
  • Learning and adaptation, collaboration, cooperation, competition, coalitions in traffic and transportation models
  • Multi-resolution simulation, simulator interoperability, simulation as a service, cloud-based simulation
  • Growing artificial societies in artificial transportation systems
  • Large scale simulation, calibration and validation of agent-based models for traffic and transportation
  • New trends and inspirational metaphors for artificial transportation systems

Workshop papers will undergo the same intense and rigorous reviewing process as regular papers do and submission is not a guarantee of acceptance. Accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings and indexed accordingly. Papers will be made available electronically in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library, as well.